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Let sleeping dogs lie.
Bradnoy | 03/12/2010 | 11:51 PM

Yeah, I know. It's been a while, what happened to ICC?

Well, a lot of things happened over the summer, our raid leader with the eerily seductive voice went on vacation with his family for most of the summer, our top healer got a job and our self-proclaimed best dps made the mistake of going to Arizona or something and moved back to his native Spanish speaking homeland and our actual top DPS got a girlfriend and succumbed to the lure of boobies.

As such our raiding ground to a halt over the summer and we've only recently gotten back into the swing of things, some of our members have returned, others have retired to the perpetual grind of leveling alts and have forsaken their mains.

But, we've recruited a lot of new members and we've progressed well into ICC, we've gotten quite a few members their Lich King reg title and we've managed to make it 10/12 heroics, all we have left is the grating voice Sindy and the bitch king himself, sadly with wrath coming to a close and Cataclysm less then a week away, I doubt we'll be able to get in there and finish hard modes.

As such, I don't feel that I can really devote the time to continuing the ICC storyline, and to be honest, the comic started as a fun thing to do when I was bored, so I didn't really have a story and kinda made it up as I went along, so you're not missing anything other then a few good puns I had ready for some of the bosses.

I'm going to be starting up a new storyline however involving the cataclysm and hopefully it'll be just as fun to do, stick around and find out what other crazy antics Kanjji is up to.

(Also, I started to spell check my posts, ha!)


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