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Updates soon - Promise.
Bradnoy | 13/11/2010 | 2:54 PM

Hey guys,

Long time, no updates, I know... my guilds been badgering for more. what the hell have I gotten myself into! Nah, I enjoy it.

I've had computer issues for a while now however, but they seem to be fixed for the most part. So I'm intending on getting more issues out, I've got tons of idea's for the plot of ICC and a few fun one-off's.

I'd also like to thank Cyralie who I met in a random instance finder playing on my warlock alt. They noticed my guild tag and asked if I was from this guild!

It's kinda cool that people have read the comic and reconize the guild tag and have read the comic and it's made me realize that while there are some people who stop by and make comments every once and a while, I've actually got quite a few readers out there.

I just wanted to thank you all for coming to the site, reading the comic and I'm glad that so many of you do enjoy it and I promise I'll be working on more comics in the future for you guys.

I can't guarantee how much I'll be posting comics right now however, with Cata dropping in less then a month, I'm sure my guild and me will be racing to 85 and checking out that sweet, sweet cata content.

I'll also be taking a vacation for two weeks in December to visit my family back home in Ontario, but I hope to have some stuff up way before then.

Thanks again to all the fans and sorry for the lack of updates, it wasn't completely my fault! I swear...


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