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Happy Birthday!
Bradnoy | 15/08/2010

The drunken Pirates celebrate their first year as a guild. The charter came into being on Aug 15th, 2009. Since then the guild has grown from a small group of guildies to a large family of players.

I did not expect the success that we've had so far, and while one year may not be that exciting, it's a big step for the guild and anyone that manages to stay together this long with minimal drama I think deserves a party!.

I would not have been able to lead a guild without the support of my officers who make it all possible, So i'd like to call them out.

Slappie: One of the best officers any guild can hope for. When we were slacking he'd give the guild the push it really needed to get us back on track and was my go to man for most any problem that needed to be resolved with tact and diplomacy. he did an excellent job and I honestly don't think the guild would be where it is without him.

Kanjji: What can we say about our little pint size ball of attitude, when the dirty work needed to be done you were always there to scoop up the job, and you'd do it with a smile, keeping the guild competitive with the continual teasing and jesting about dps in raids and helping out other members when you were able to and suppling the bank with tons of consumables. couldn't have done alot of our raids without you.

Iulu: Always there to give a giggle and help a fellow guildy, our number one stop for gems and enchants and advise on how to rock a shaman. wether it's just touring around the old world, kicking ass in raids or just chatting in dalaran, you've been a big boon to the guilds morale and spirit.

Sat: oh sat. constant source of our blatent racisim towards countries that don't speak English. But through thick and thin, you've gone out of your way to help guildies, get new guildies geared up and into raids and been a huge help filling out a number of diffrent roles when we need them. tons of help towards the guild and a great sense of humor to boost the morale as well. thanks for doing the work you've been doing towards progressing our ten man heroic raids.

To everyone else, Thanks for a great year and lets hope that with the looming expansion and the hopes of further raiding content that will allow us as a guild to last several more.

Happy first birthday Drunken Pirates!


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