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Buff up!
Bradnoy | 12/07/2010

Yeah, so I alt tab alot while we'are all standing around waiting for the group to get there to start the raid. Yeah, I don't tab back in right away and buff. yeah, I sometimes buff when we're pulling the first group of trash.

C'mon... it's not like you really NEED to have your precious fort buff for trash anyway, and you KNOW someone is going to be a tard and stand in the path of the spikes and die, or get web wrapped and die, or trigger a bone guard and die, so Might as well wait until the boss and buff up when someone drops the fish feast... again.

Also, the book that bradnoy is reading is Shadow priests for Dummies. A resourse guide for the rest of us, By Amaranthazon. Just a jab at a shadow priest we used to raid with. I put a fair amount of detail into the cover, but the details kinda got lost in the resizing for the panel. So you can see a full size version of the book cover below.


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