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Pirate Times
Bradnoy | 24/06/2010

Today's strip is filler... Yeah. I'm only like 9 strips in and I've already got filler. What is going to happen now!

Either way, this was our guilds first ever Lich King Kill and we were all pretty excited to say the least. This now opens heroic modes for the guild and is a big step forward for us as a whole, so I thought I'd honor the moment with a mock newspaper article.

The bad news is that I messed up while making the picture and there is a slew of spelling mistakes that I didn't notice the first time through and I accidently saved over the PSD file that had the layers... so unfortunatly the crappy error riddled version is what you get cause I didn't wanna spend another hour on it... It was made at 3:30am right after our Lich King Kill for petes sake! just be happy for our kingslayers!


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