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Bradnoy | 14/06/2010

yeah... I know... a full page frame with word balloons, Lame. But I'm trying diffrent page layouts and this is one that stuck out to me as a great intro for ICC. It's a big, Dark, Scary and foreboding place of evil and this shot pretty well sums it up.

Also, I will admit, I didn't really think that I would need alot of time for each page and now I wind up working on a page at least a little bit each day. taking screenshots, editing screenshots, moving models in modelvewier for the perfect angle, trying to frame them in photoshop to make it look good.

It's more work then I expected, Sure I've refined some of my methods and I'm probably doing them the hardest way possible, but it's working out O.K for my so far.

either way, I've got some nice pages lined up for the future that'll be hopefully funny and make up for my last few crappy pages.


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