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Meeting the rest of the party.
Bradnoy | 31/05/2010 | 10:01 AM

I really like today's strip; the middle of the page introducing the rest of the party who you have not seen already, the action poses were really fun to put together and thinking of how to do it was fun.

This introduces our run's second tank, Bohlvai, who'll be tanking alongside Slappie. And Toxicbreeze is our third healer. Most of the time it'll only be myself and Toxic healing while Iulu does dps. the only time's Iulu really heals now is when we need the extra heals like on Blood Princes or Dreamwalker and Sindragosa.

Bhudda is one of many of his alts, but he was with us the last few times we went past Sindragosa so I've included the character he's progressed most on. Beldwarf is also one of the guild's tanks, Mostly on his paladin though, he prefers to DPS on his warrior so that what we bring him along as. He can be a bit short of temper sometimes, but he knows his shit and he's a good guy.


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