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The begining of a wonderful trip
Bradnoy | 24/05/2010 | 8:04 PM

Well, This is the start of their adventures. Will Bradnoy be able to contain the bubbling fury of kanjji, Will Sat ever learn to speak Common? will Iulu ever stop giggling?.

This is just the first issue. I'd like to have at least one issue a week and it's going to be about the Drunken Pirates entering into Icecrown and eventually defeating the Lich king. I also intend on having a few side quests here and there and throw in some one shot comics that don't have anything to do with the actual story.

I'm thinking i'll prob upload the newest issues on Monday's, that gives me all week to plan/peice together the shots. So please bear with me while I do my best to get it moving along.


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