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Name: Bradnoy
Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Info about Bradnoy: Bradnoy is the Drunken Pirates guild leader and one of the main healers in the guild. Taking a back seat to leading the actual raids, Bradnoy focuses on healing the group so they can succeed. His main spec is Discipline and spends most of the time raiding enemy fortresses by throwing sheilds on the party and then sitting down to read a nice book.

One of the more level headed members of the guild, Bradnoy tries to remain neutral and is not very quick to anger, usually he tries to lighten the mood but when things get heated, he'll often back off as he hates confrontations. Even though his role as guild leader sometimes forces him to step into an arguement to quell the violence he tends to stay out of them most of the time, instead often defering that job to one of his officers, Noteably the Druid Slappie.

Bradnoy is also a master engineer and can sometimes be found tinkering away in the guild meeting rooms when not in use trying to devise some sort of new contraption.

Kanjji also think's Bradnoy has an unhealthy relationship with his young squire who Bradnoy often brings along into raids.
First Appearance: The Dolphin

Name: Iulu
Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration/Elemental Combat
Info about Iulu: Iulu is one of the more powerful Shaman within the Drunken Pirates, She most often calls upon the elements to heal her brethren in battle and when needed summons the more powerful elements to call forth devestating lightning bolts and hurls boulders of magma at her foes.

Often very quiet and slow to anger, but with a bubbley giggle streak; Often the smallest thing will set her into a fit of giggles. Bradnoy is a major cause of this as when they are together she simply cannot contain herself.

When Iulu isn't healing her comrads or fighting off deadly foes, She spends most of her downtime with her man, Sat. Often the two will be found chatting in their own rooms or off questing together or even venturing into the battlegrounds and arena's together.
First Appearance: The Dolphin

Name: Sat (Self Proclaimed "God Among Paladins")
Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy/Retribution/Protection
Info about sat: Sat is the jack of all trades; He heals, Tanks and even does damage. no one really said he does all three well, but he fills a role when the party needs it and is very versatile in that regard. Sat doesn't speak Common like most of the member of the guild, Instead he continues to speak in a language unknown of most of the inhabitants of Azeroth. It seems that the only one capable of understanding him is his lover Iulu with whom he spends most of his down time with.

Sat is a self proclaimed "God Among paladins" At last... thats what Iulu translated it into. Sat likes to run verious raids for the guild when the main raids are not happening with varing sucess.
First Appearance: The Dolphin

Name: Kanjii
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Combat
Info about Kanjji: Kanjji is the guilds pint-sized, foul mouthed Rogue. One of the guilds strongest melee damage dealers. He's Also very competative, Often arguing with other guild members about who dealt the most damage to what enemy.

Quick to anger, he won't hesitate to cuss you out and then kick you out of the group or guild. As an officer under Bradnoy he fulfuls the more dirty tasks that Bradnoy doesn't want to handle. Kanjji also spent much time in the Alliance Military doing various tasks for recon and Intel, as a result kanjji is excellent at getting information from friends and enemies alike. wether tortrue is involved or not depends on how much he likes you. (Hint, he'll only use one dagger if you're a "friend").
First Appearance: The Dolphin

Name: Slappie
Class: Druid
Specialization: Restoration/Feral
Info about Slappie: Slappie is the guild's main raid leader, tasked with organizing the parties forays into enemy fortresses because Bradnoy is too lazy to do it himself. He's the guild's "father" figure, when situations arise that bradnoy is too afraid to deal with he'll step in with his deep soothing voice.

Slappie is also not afraid to speak his mind at all; an aspect that Bradnoy values since he'll often call out unfair looting or members that simply are not pulling their weight. While his words can be harsh they are not unfair and he delivers them with a diplomatic tact that puts Bradnoy to shame.

Slappie also has a tendancy to invent new and unique words that replace perfectly good words with much more humorous results.
First Appearance: Meeting with Slappie

Name: Bohlvai
Class: Paladin
Specialization: Protection/Holy
Info about Bohlvai: Bohlvai is a mysterious person, One of the guilds primary tanks and a founding member of the guild. Outside the guild most people know next to nothing about him, and he seems to prefer it that way. A fair minded indivdual and a valued officer, he'll try to put out fires within the guild should any break out for the benifit of the guild.

Bohlvai will often go above and beyond the call of duty, willing to venture into long forgotten dungeons to help out less geared guild members and will offer his advice and expertise to the guild when it's needed.

Bohlvai is also an perfect symbol of the Drunken Pirates as he is often found drunk while venturing forth in the world. His Drunken Rants about various things that have angered him that day can be both enlightening and entertaining.
First Appearance: Meeting the rest of the party

Name: Beldwarf
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Protection/Fury
Info about Beldwarf: Beldwarf is a long time member of the Drunken Pirates. Having joined in the growing phase of the guild he's contributed much in the way of progression through most of the Drunken Pirates ventures. Mostly a quiet Dwarf, he won't say alot unless he feels it needs to be said. Unfortunatly the things he feels needs to be said can sometimes be rather... harsh.

Being one of the guilds tanks since the begining and switching to a top damage role later on Beldwarf is a welcome addition to the Raids.
First Appearance: Meeting the rest of the party

Name: bhuddachoffe
Class: Mage
Specialization: Arcane/Frost
Info about bhuddachoffe: A Long time member of the Drunken Pirates, Bhudda as he's known fills out many roles for the guild and is often around to help guild members when they need it. An entertaining fellow, he can always be counted on for some good conversations. Bhudda is a helpful and and mostly cheery Pirate. How often that's assisted with smoking from his peace pipe doesn't really matter. An all around good member who knows his class and won't slack off. He'll be there when it counts to give that extra bit of damage to help down a boss.
First Appearance: Meeting the rest of the party

Name: Toxicbreeze
Class: Druid
Specialization: Restoration/Feral
Info about Toxicbreeze: Toxic is one of the guild's top healers, Brought into the main raiding team to fulfil and empty slot, she quickly made herself a permenent fixture. Quick and decisive heals, Toxic has helped to keep the raid alive during some of their toughest encounters.

Toxic is however very quiet, and does not generally speak much unless she needs to. She is also a helpful member of the guild in the sence that she will help where she can for your professional needs and will help at her own expense.
First Appearance: Meeting the rest of the party

Name: Genisisgoth
Class: Hunter
Specialization: Survival/Marksmanship
Info about Genisisgoth: Another late comer to the guild, GenisisGoth is a valued hunter who's been running raids with the pirates for some time. Filling in a cruicial role as ranged Damage she has quickly made a name for herself in the guild and has since joined our ranks all the way to the final boss of Icecrown. She's a cheery and active person and will often help out others in the guild with dungeons runs and raids.
First Appearance: Meeting with Slappie